2013-07-15A constant guest is never welcome

A dog will not howl if you beat him with a bone
[ca_audio url=\”http://v.chatto.us/voice/A dog will not howl if you beat him with a bone\” width=\”300\” height=\”27\” css_class=\”codeart-google-mp3-player\” autoplay=\”false\”]

A constant guest is never welcome

[ca_audio url=\”http://v.chatto.us/voice/A constant guest is never welcome\” width=\”300\” height=\”27\” css_class=\”codeart-google-mp3-player\” autoplay=\”false\”]

Typhoon Soulik moves inland after lashing SW China
[ca_audio url=\”http://v.chatto.us/voice/Typhoon Soulik moves inland after lashing SW China\” width=\”300\” height=\”27\” css_class=\”codeart-google-mp3-player\” autoplay=\”false\”]

Left holding bag 背黑锅
watch your back 小心背后有鬼
cold fish 不受欢迎的人

You said it for fun, but I am sad with my truly heart
[ca_audio url=\”http://v.chatto.us/voice/You said it for fun, but I am sad with my truly heart\” width=\”300\” height=\”27\” css_class=\”codeart-google-mp3-player\” autoplay=\”false\”]

Holding my hand, eyes closed you will not go lost.

[ca_audio url=\”http://v.chatto.us/voice/Holding my hand, eyes closed you will not go lost.\” width=\”300\” height=\”27\” css_class=\”codeart-google-mp3-player\” autoplay=\”false\”]

《TiK ToK》


有童鞋说想跟robot小C谈恋爱,little C偷偷跟我说也很爱你们~


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